Walking Foot Quilting




Join us for an intensive, exclusive, three-and-a-half-day retreat of focused instruction from Jacquie Gering. This small group setting will allow you to learn and grow in your walking foot quilting.

Jacquie will begin by reviewing the basics and establishing a firm foundation for expanding and growing participants' skills with the walking foot. With Jacquie's guidance, participants will apply that knowledge to learn and practice walking foot friendly designs from simple to complex. Jacquie will support participants as they use that knowledge to create their own unique designs. Jacquie will teach strategies for managing large quilts and marking and quilting intricate designs. Together, Jacquie and the group will explore how to analyze quilts to create quilting designs that will support and enhance the piecing. Participants will leave with a toolbox filled with creative quilting options and the knowledge, skills and confidence to quilt their own quilts.




21C Hotel


SMALL class size

21C Hotel is a beautiful, inspiring space for an intimate, individual workshop experience with new friends.

jf quilt folded hires square.jpg

personal GROWTH

In a supportive environment, attendees will learn to master and design walking foot designs from the simple to complex.


intense Focus

With three and half days of instruction and exploration, attendees will learn in-depth design concepts and techniques.